Lily is on her way. I am working on Casey and Brad and will have it to my editor before I leave on my trip.

Kiki is rushing around in my head, fully formed and ready to go. I have often felt that the characters have a life of their own and that I have very little to do with their decisions or love lives. In fact, Grace appears completely disinterested in Luke, and I am having a hard time figuring out who she wants to go out with. Perhaps she is waiting for someone else to come along. Hopefully someone does, or her love life will have to go on the back burner.

We are preparing for a trip to Tokyo, Beijing, London and Paris. It will be a whirlwind of travel, but we are all looking forward to it. The kids plan to do major damage in the robotics district of Japan. Luckily, software does not take up much space in the luggage. Thank you mom and dad for this fantastic opportunity. I have the best parents, ever. Really. Everyone should be so lucky.

I hope to get some ideas for future stories. Clayton and Brianna are mostly formed in my head and I think Italy and Paris are perfect locations for Brianna.

If anyone has any ideas for Grace, please let me know. I am waiting for inspiration. Cannot figure out why Luke doesn't seem to be doing it for her. He's so hot....

Cannot wait for the new Star Trek movie to come out.

Summer in the bay area - The. Best. Thing. Ever. Pair it with a fruit crisp and ice cream - life is very good.